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Good graphic design matter

As a graphic designer, this point of view is of course thoroughly biased, as the profession itself builds upon it. But aside from the argumentative side to it, most people don’t need much time to come up with one or …

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design by svalander – a WordPress design

design by svalanderClient: Myself

Business: Graphic designer and typographer

Platform: WordPress

Where: Göteborg, Sweden

From: 2010

URL: www.designbysvalander.com

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Core Values

Just google 'core values', and you'll get heaps of scientific reports on the subject. I won't go down that way. Instead I'm going to focus on what core values mean to the designer and why they are critical to the design process.

My take on core values

I always emphasize the importance of core values to my clients. Sometimes they understand what I mean and hand over a 45-page marketing plan, sometimes they shrug and laugh in my face. In general I prefer a client somewhere in between - you don't have to have a degree in marketing analysis - but it's nice to have an open mind.
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