Delia Gothic – a preview of a new typeface

The capital 'A' of Delia Gothic, my new typeface.The lower case 'a' of Delia Gothic, my new typeface.Yesterday I started the design work on my new typeface I have been thinking of for a long time. I always wanted to design a gothic with a modern twist, and here is the first of many previews along the road.

My aim is to create a versatile sansserif in the likes of Franklin Gothic and similar fonts, but with a flair of constructionism to it, in four weights that will support western languages for a start. Italics will be something for the future. What you see here is a thin version (the lightest gray), a book version, a bold version and a black version (in black).

Images here a only sketches, for an example, refinements in eye of the lowercase ‘a’ has not been made yet. Don’t hesitate to give feedback, comment, criticize – actually I’d appreciate it!

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